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Making disciples who reach UP, IN and OUT.





Camp TED is a 10-day overnight camp for French teenagers and American teenagers. “TED” stands for “Totally English Days.” One of the purposes of the camp is to teach the English language and Anglo/American culture to the French teens. Champfleuri, an evangelical Christian center in Champ- pres-Froges, France, runs the camp.  At TED, the teens have an opportunity to play games, make friends, hear Bible-centered talks and worship God.  The biggest role that the American Teams play at TED is to be Intentional Campers (ICers) during the camp.

What does it mean to be an ICer?

Being an ICer means being intentional – having a purpose behind what you do, how you act and what you say. ICers are committed Christian teens who seek to share the gospel of Christ through their words and reflect Him in their actions. There are a few ways they do this.

Build relationships with the other campers

Show Godly character

Help plan and facilitate activities and workshops

Give their testimonies in formal and informal settings


Todd and Maria Luke

The Outreach Foundation

Campeche, Mexico


Forming respectful relationships with the poor in a manner that allows them to activate their work, talents, and knowledge are key components of Todd and Maria Luke’s Gospel-driven outreach. More than just a clean water/poverty alleviation project, a relation-based work movement is happening within communities of subsistence level farmers. Many are indigenous Ch’ols, and they suffer from poor health due in part to the lack of access to clean water. Ch’ol Presbyterian laymen organize families to work together to build family-owned cisterns that collect rainfall. During the process, our Mexican partners teach useful construction skills, demonstrate the value of partnership, pray together, and share the Good News in a casual and natural manner.