419 West Main Street

Moncks Corner, SC 29461



Making disciples who reach UP, IN and OUT.


We are a Presbyterian Church founded in 1944 in Moncks Corner, a small town located near Lake Moultrie about 30 miles from historic Charleston, South Carolina.


As one of the only Reformed churches in the Moncks Corner area, we seek to share the depth and beauty of our tradition in our present-day context. 






David Brown

Gene Williams

Suzie Wilson

David Harris

Doris Partlow

Don Brown

Jane Campbell

Rin Page

Ed Stehmeyer


Sam Brock

Len Graham

Shelly Rucker

William Tanner

Clisha Weathers

Charlene Atkins

Larry Propst

Mike Stasiak


Clerk of Session

Gene Williams

Church Treasurer

Eugene Oliver


Lisa Kelly


Making Disciples who Reach...

 to God

 to One Another

 to The World


 to God:  Our chief end as human beings is to glorify God and enjoy him forever (Book of Confessions 7.111). This means that we were wired for worship. God alone is worthy of praise. From the beginning of the cosmos, creation beckons us to bow in adoration of God. This call to praise reached its pinnacle in the death and resurrection of Jesus, his humility and exaltation (Phil. 2). At FPC, we are a people of praise.

 to One Another:  Jesus prays in John 17 that his disciples would be one just as he and the Father are one. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are the perfect community: three persons, yet one being. When Christ's disciples live in loving community with one another, the world will notice. At FPC, we seek to be a loving community that shares the message of the loving Trinity.

 to the World: We are a missional people, because God is a missional God. The word “mission” has its roots in the Latin word for “send.” We are sent, because God is a sending God. God sent Abraham to a land not his own. God sent Moses to deliver God’s people. At the fullness of time, God sent Christ into the world to redeem the world. Now God sends his Spirit to equip and send us to the ends of the earth, starting with our city as we seek its welfare (Jer. 29). Just as we gather for worship, we scatter to spread God’s grace and peace. At FPC, we are sent out to the world, starting with Moncks Corner.